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The Sunnyside Backyard Garden Project is an outreach program of the KOGBLT Christian Community Leaders.  It was formed with a vision to assist the Sunnyside community of Houston and its spiritual leaders in re-establishing their environment using the guiding principles of brotherly love, brotherly kindness, and charity.  Our concept of "Backyard Gardens" is established on the following three pillars to accomplish our mission: Responsibility, Accountability, and Service.

 Our 2023 Summer Programs

Our programs are free to the residents of Sunnyside Community.  You must register to attend.  Space is limited for the Camp.

Registration is open now. 

SSBYG Children of Light:
Seedtime & Harvest Time Camp
Ages 12-16
June 3, 2023


SSBYG "Mentor One" Day Camp
Ages 11-14

Mentoring Program
August 12, 2023


SSBYG "Rise Up" Summer Youth Camp
Ages 12-16

2nd & 4th Saturdays
June  - August 2023


Chosen Few Men's Fellowship
"A Day of Fellowship with Men of the Sunnyside Community"
June 17, 2023


To support our mission, please donate here.  Unless otherwise designated, proceeds are used for the operation of KOGBLT and its Missions.

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