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Apostles Eric and Phyllis Wiggins designed and developed The Kingdom of God Biblical Life Training(KOGBLT)in 1989 with the sole intent to equip pastors, church leaders, and individuals with Biblical life strategies for spiritual leadership, and fortitude within their church structure and surrounding communities. We have since broadened our horizon and have opened the doors wide to all Christians who are willing to take on our mission and vision to enlighten others about the Kingdom of God and their position in it.

Monotheism for About Page.png
Monotheism for About Page.png


To challenge the henotheistic society with a monotheistic attitude of belief by strengthening the body of Christ with the truth of God's Word through accessible biblical life training.


We believe every Christian has a spiritual purpose within their Church and community.  KOGBLT is endeavoring to build such leaders with life-changing, call-to-action programs offered here on the KOGBLT platform.

United diversity and unity partnership a

Community Development & Leadership


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