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Life: It's a Paradox, full of Contridictions

paradox, contridiction
Life is a contradiction

Many people want to live life as though they are in control when we all know we're not. Life, it's a paradox, a contradiction, as Paul describes in Romans 7:15-20. It's a constant battle between doing what is right and what we're enticed to do, which is contrary to what we know to be true. Within each of us is an inner willingness to do the right thing, but there's a pull from the world that seduces us to do the contrary.

We,It's A Paradox,are here to corroborate that inner voice within you that points to the undeniable truth of life. We will show you the paradox and give you viable evidence of the truth, no matter how you want to see it.

Life is a PARADOX, but we know how to remove the confusion. Join us in our blogs,and let's learn to live life as a true avowal of righteousness.

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