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Today, this blog is for me. I woke up excited about my new venture but hesitant in my actions. I wondered if I will be accepted, understood, and "approved" for my efforts to get the good news out into this dark world. As I approached my office to start my day, I hear Counsel clearly speak, "it's in the so doing. Persevere." So I share the same encouraging words with you.

It's not in the acceptance, acknowledgment, or approval; it's in the "so doing." Whatever it is you have been PURPOSED to do for the Kingdom of God, get to it and continue in it despite all difficulties, all reward delays, and self-doubt; for as Jesus encouraged us, so we must have faith and believe, "blessed is that servant whom, when his Lord comes, shall find so doing." Be faithful and persistent in what you have been gifted to do, and when He returns, it will be well worth it. Be blessed today.

Suggested Devotional Reading: Matthew 24:36-51; Colossians 3:23-24; Philippians 2:13.

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