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Interested in getting involved with our mission to spread the Gospel?  Become a part of us, whether it's by joining our Church family or donating to our Outreach programs.

Take a view and get involved.

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The Kingdom of God Life Ministry Church, Pearland TX

is where you want to be!

We're located in the heart of Pearland, Texas

Apostle Eric & Pastor Phyllis are committed to changing the lives of people by teaching Biblical Life principles you can effectively apply to your life and see change.




We're waiting for you.

Outreach Program

Our Outreach Progam is more than just donating to an organization.  It's an investment.  As Christians, we are commissioned to spread the Gospel. 

Through our Outreach Programs, we do just that, we are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting missionaries and programs.  Visit our site and learn more about them.

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