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Spiritual Leadership for Community Development

Building Strong Leaders to Change their Community

Our KOGBLT Spiritual Leadership Development Training is established upon the proven fact that serious spiritual damage can be curtailed and possibly eliminated within our churches and communities by developing a strong leadership core.

We believe every person has a spiritual purpose and journey in life.  KOGBLT helps to activate that purpose within that individual and develop the road map for success as outlined in the Kingdom of God established through Jesus Christ.



Our KOGBLT Leadership Training Seminars consists of the following modules:


  • Your Personality in the body of Christ (Church)

  • The Broken Spirit Theory

  • The Art of Leadership:  The 5 Traits of a Leader

  • Power of Unity and Agreement:  Getting "On Purpose" 

  • Revitalize Your Vision as Servant for Christ 

  • Re-Mission Your Steps: A Call to Action to Get on Purpose

  • Concepts to True Spiritual Worship

  • Tenets of Righteousness for Kingdom of God

  • Spiritual Community Leadership for Group Studies

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Brotherly Love

As Christ laid down his life for us, so shall we lay down our lives for the need of others.

Brotherly Kindness

As we see another in need, we shall open up bowels of compassion to meet the need.

Actions of Faith

Let us love not just in words,

but let us love in truth and in our actions.

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