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Christian Community Leadership

Building Strong Leaders to Change their Community
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The KOGBLT Christian Community Leadership (KCCL) program provides a unique service to communities using the entrepreneur concept infused with community development. This process, called the Entrepreneur Infusion, encourages individuals within the community to become problem-solvers and, with the necessary guidance, helps them create a better, more sustainable future for their community. KCCL equips these leaders with programs and resources that can be incorporated into their community programs and schools to accomplish their goals. 

KCCL provides detailed resources and programs to the leaders based on the need of their community. Using the Entrepreneur Infusion concept, we: 

  • identify the demand 

  • develop ignitable programs

  • train leaders to implement the program

  • develop their funding resources

  • generate community involvement

The KCCL program has successfully implemented the Entrepreneur Infusion process in two communities southwest of Houston, TX. Through this program, the we developed Christian Community Leaders within the South Acres community who:

  • Impacted the community schools by partnering with them to provide student uniforms.

  • Strengthened the school library by supplying more books for their shelves.

  • Clothes were donated within the neighborhood by doing a clothes drive just for the neighborhood's inhabitants.

  • They also developed their funding source through small-home-based businesses.


KOGBLT has expanded the KCCL program by forming the Backyard Garden Project. It is a six-month training program for volunteers who want to be actively involved in transforming their community.  We formed this program to encourage and train Christian Community Leaders how to effectively collaborate with their community using humanitarian values.  We are currently working with trained volunteers of the KOGLMC church in the Sunnyside Community of Southwest Houston.  To view the Summer programs they have developed for 2023, visit the KOGBLT Sunnyside Backyard Garden program here.


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Brotherly Love

As Christ laid down his life for us, so shall we lay down our lives for the need of others.

Brotherly Kindness

As we see another in need, we shall open up bowels of compassion to meet the need.

Actions of Faith

Let us love not just in words,

but let us love in truth and in our actions.

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